Digital tachograph data

Digital tachograph and driver card data management

What is digital tachograph data?

There are two types of data:

1. data from the driver card: They are stored at the driver card and contain driver activities (driving hours, resting periods, e.t.c.)

2. data from the vehicle unit: Those data are stored at the vehicle unit and contain driver activity data, detailed speed data, events and faults, vehicle data, tachograph technical information, etc. For downloading vehicle unit data, the company card is required.

How many data can they store?

The driver card is able to hold driver activity data for at least 28 days.
The vehicle unit stores data for at least 365 calendar days.

Transport company obligations regarding driver card and digital tachograph data.

Transport company has to: data at least every:

  • 28 days, for data from the driver card.
  • 90 days, for data from the vehicle unit

2.keep records in chronological order for at least a year after their use

3.make regular checks to ensure that their drivers make correct use of tachographs

What data services do we offer?

Our workshop supports transport companies on managing driver card and digital tachograph data by offering the following services:
(Α) Data downloading

Tacho Hellas stores at the company servers for a year the data that downloads every 28 days from the driver card and every 90 days from the vehicle unit.
The whole process lasts about 30 minutes.


  • Economical solution for data downloading
  • No download device and no PC is needed.


(Β) Data analysis

Every month, all the transport company data from both driver card and vehicle units are analysed and the reports are send via e-mail to your company.


  • Economical solution for data analysis
  • Highlights problems in journey schedules.