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A bit about us

Our company

Tacho Hellas was established in October 2008 in Thessaloniki, Greece. Its main activity is installation, calibration, inspection and repair of speed and counting tools, such as tachographs (analogue and digital), speed limiters and speedometers

Transport company products

Analogue and digital tachographs, tachograph charts and paper rolls, speed limiting devices, digital tachograph and driver card data downoload and analysis, fleet management.

Workshop products

Workshop equipment, consumables, motion sensors, tachograph parts, converters.

Marine products

VDO ViewLine series: counting tools for pleasure boats.

Digital tachograph data

Services and products on digital tachograph and driver card data download and analysis.

Tachograph certificates

Installation, inspection, repair and calibration of analogue and digital tachograph – issuing of tachograph good operation certificate..


Seminars for drivers, for transport companies and for workshops.

Cutting-edge products

Tacho Hellas searches through European market and detects cutting-edge products on speed and counting tools market. Only after detailed testing, we offer you the innovative products that best matches your needs.


Technical support

The long-lasting experience of Tacho Hellas members along with the close co-operation with European product houses set the base for full technical support in analogue and digital tachographs and speed limiters.


Legal training

Tacho Hellas, equipped with the appropriate training certificates, organises seminars to train drivers, fleet managers and tachograph workshop technicians regarding tachograph regulations and its use. Tacho Hellas makes a new step in tachograph business by having a legal office to analyse the complicated legal framework of control devices.



Tacho Hellas searches through European market and detects cutting-edge products on speed and counting tools market.