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Tachodrive Plus

TachoDrive PLUS and TachoDrive BT are two new products that we are introducing in our offer from the beginning of February. [skrot]

First of them is the refreshed version of the very popular TachoDrive key for downloading data from tachograph / card, that is successfuly being sold not only in the country but also on the very demanding European markets. Due to implemented changes, using the key is even easier and more effective now.

The new TachoDrive PLUS is first and foremost:

  • smaller dimensions: 106 x 28 x 12
  • button used for downloading the data from driver card (all you need to do is press an hold the button while connecting the key to tachograph to download the data from driver card only),
  • signalling LEDs located on both sides of the device (it makes observing the device operating status for different tachographs easier)
  • firmware update does not require the jumper,
  • free of charge TACHOMATT Yellow Light software available on
  • possibility to purchase the device with your own logo

The attached TD Configurator software allows to configure the TachoDrive key to download a specific data from the tachograph.
The TD device perfectly cooperates with the TACHOMATT Yellow light application that has much wider possibilities regarding the gathered data processing, analysis and presentation.


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