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Tachodrive 3 STD

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Proffessional devicefor downloading ana analyzing data from driver card and tachograph.

The tool is available in two versions:

TachoDrive3 STD: economic solution of the proffessional device - designed for drivers and dispatchers.

TachoDrive3 BT: full version of the proffessional device - designed for Controlling Authorities, dispatchers, drivers.

Functions and adventages:

  • compatible with every approved digital tachograph ,
  • built-in drivers card reader,
  • color, backlit LCD display,
  • power supply: accumulators, tachograph port, USB port of the PC,
  • 1 GB memory,
  • acoustic and flashing signalization of the device working status,
  • ergonomic case, small dimensions,
  • wireless reports printing (Bluetooth),
  • wireless data sending to the mobile phone or PC (Bluetooth),
  • built-in Infringement Algorithm,
  • automatic screen rotation (ASR function).

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